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This bike is the street version of the R80GS, a very nice balance of weight and power. There were approx 1000 ST's imported to North America so it's not a common model. It shares gauges and instruments with R65 of the same time period, the rest is common Airhead. The bike has 51018 miles (speedo is in miles) and is registered in the province of Alberta so no out of province required here in Alberta. The seat is a Corbin and I have two backrests although they are in need of recovering but still worth having. Tires have less than 200 miles on them. I'd be happy to take another Airhead as part payment. This bike has been fully serviced including steering head bearing repack and trans spline lube and clutch inspection. please contact me for a complete list of services performed. Price is in US funds. Approx 6450.00Cdn


Kelly McLaughlin
Medicine Hat
1983 R80ST1983 R80ST1983 R80ST1983 R80ST1983 R80ST1983 R80ST