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6 days 17 hours ago #2732 by 14440
14440 created the topic: Clear silicone grease
I am about to rebuild my Bing 64 carburetors. Bob Fleisher ( Snowbum) recommends " clear silicone grease" On the o rings. Checked with Bob's BMW parts and local auto parts place and no one seems to know what I am talking about. Can anyone suggest another name or term? Hope this is the correct forum for this question.

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6 days 6 minutes ago #2733 by Wobbly
Wobbly replied the topic: Clear silicone grease
Radio Shack and Home Depot stores have sold this stuff in the past. I'm still working on a tube my son bought to lube his AirSoft gun 10 years ago ! If you really got to have it, you might look at the "Danco 88693 Silicone Grease" for $3.95 on Amazon.

However, what Bob was probably wanting to achieve was to lubricate the o-rings on installation so that they don't get pinched or cut as they enter their seats. By using silicone you are assured there are no harsh additives present that might distort the o-ring before you can get it into place. (Believe it or not, some specialized bearing greases will do this !) However, there are lots of common lubricants and greases that will work just fine for you in this application.

► One of these is common Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. It's pure, it's clean, and because its petroleum-based, the fuel will wash off any excess that may mistakenly be inappropriately placed (say inside the jet itself).

► Another would be to moisten the o-ring between your thumb and forefinger with a very small amount of common motor oil, any grade.

Remember, you only need enough to make the o-ring step over sharp edges during a one-time assembly. This is not a part (like a new bearing) that needs to be flooded because it won't receive any other lubricant until the engine is running.

Hope this helps.

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5 days 7 hours ago #2734 by 895
895 replied the topic: Clear silicone grease
Parker Super O-Ring lubricant is what we use at the nuclear power plant to assure successful placement. It is an O-ring assembly lubricant which is used during O-ring installation. The lubricant assists the O-ring in attaining its correct orientation within the O-ring groove or other machined surface geometry within which the O-ring is to reside. The lubricant mitigates potential for the O-ring to become rolled, pinched or otherwise compromised during machine assembly.

O-Ring Assembly Lubricant

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4 days 7 hours ago #2738 by 14440
14440 replied the topic: Clear silicone grease

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