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Basic Electrics

This article will cover basic electricity 101; particularly as to what you need to know about your Airhead motorcycle; and will cover SOME common faults, failures, problems, and what the causes and fixes are.  

We will start off with very basic electricity, which is fundamental to understanding when you are working on your BMW Airhead. This article is NOT any sort of Engineer's guide to electricity; nor, is it a complete primer on all Airhead electrical faults. The Author's website contains vastly more information:

When writing this this lengthy article, I have taken liberties in explaining how some things operate to make things simpler for the average person who is unlikely to be an electrical or electronics engineer.  PLEASE, no E-mails about quanta movement; electron packet flow, holes versus electrons, and electron movement via wave or field theory....ETC!...OK?

Electricity is a flow of electrons, whirling parts of atomic structure. These little bits have a 'charge'. When these little charges move through a conductor, typically a copper wire or other metal, you have a flow of CURRENT. If enough are flowing through such as the wire inside an incandescent lamp, the lamp's wire, usually called a 'filament', will heat up, and when there is enough current

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